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What Is Your Win For Today?

How are you going to know if you had a successful day today?  Do you plan on having a successful day?  What would make it a success?  A milkshake?  A fun evening out? A raise at work?  Surviving?

Sometimes I wonder if we spend too much time coasting in life because we have not defined what would make our days or even our lives successful.  I’m not just talking about those lazy Saturdays where we watch back-to-back-to-back-to-back football games.  I’m not talking about having a successful day at work, either.  I’m talking about succeeding in living today with a holy purpose.

It can be so easy to live each day as if all that needs to be accomplished are a set of tasks, but that seems to be the recipe for an unfulfilled life.  Sure things got done, but for what reason?  What’s the point?  What if it is more than that? What if each day had a goal that we pursued? What if at the end of the day we know we experienced a win?

Here are some goals that would perhaps give your days more purpose:

  1. My goal today is to make God known through my actions.
  2. My goal today is to be more like Jesus that I was the day before.
  3. My goal today is to show God’s love to someone who needs to experience it.
  4. My goal is to make sure my family knows that I love them.
  5. My goal today is to regard every interaction with another person as a God ordained event that has a purpose.
  6. My goal today is to face all of my trials with joy, knowing that my faith will grow in endurance.

I hate to waste a day.  I hate the feeling that all I did was make it through.  Are there days that surviving is a miracle in itself? Absolutely, but most days are full of a potential that can give our lives meaning and encouragement.  The thing is, with all of the busyness that surrounds us, we can miss out on making this day count.  However, when we have a goal before us, it gives us a standard to work towards.  It allows us to stay on track and dismiss those things that will hinder us towards the goal.

What is your win for today?  How will you know that you made the most of it?


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