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The Weight of Our Words

We know our words have great power, but do we really appreciate just how much weight our words have? A few days ago I used a lot of words, and it gave me a chance to reflect on just how much our words matter.

My day started by leading a Bible study on Hebrews with a group of adults.  We walked through a set of verses, and I answered various questions about the text and some questions that had nothing to do with the text.  I wasn’t just leading a small group.  I was teaching people what God says through His word.

A couple of hours later I had the opportunity to perform a premarital counseling session.  The couple and I talked about a number of huge issues that affect marriage.  We addressed current and future situations, but I wasn’t just helping a couple understand what marriage should look like.  I was helping put them on a track that will alter their lives and the generations that follow them.  If they can develop a healthy marriage, it will impact the lives of their future children and their future children.

Later that night, I had the blessing of spending time with my kids, just playing around the house.  As we talked about what they learned in church and what’s going on in their lives, I wasn’t just passing the time before bedtime.  I was investing in their lives and their faith by demonstrating genuine, loving interest in who they are and who they can become.

In addition to these three instances I probably spoke to 100 other people that day.  From the checkout folks at Publix to the guest sitting in the pew behind me in the worship service, each conversation had weight and gave me the opportunity to bless the other person.

Do you recognize the weight of your words?  Have you taken steps to be intentional about how you engage the people that God puts in your path?  I want to encourage you and remind you that you have the opportunity to be an agent of grace to the people around you by simply speaking into people’s lives.

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