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Hidden Wonders

new-york-empire-state-thierry-cohenThierry Cohen, a French photographer, recently created images of what he envisions several large cities’ skies would be without the light pollution that blocks out the stars.  It’s an incredible collection of images that reveal the hidden wonders in our skies.

The images are a powerful reminder that our lives are surrounded by incredible things that we can fail to recognize.  Through the busy schedules and the exhaustion that comes from the demands we have on our time, it can be easy to fail to see the wonders that surround us.


We can fail to see how much of a blessing our children are.
We can fail to see how incredible it is to have a spouse who loves us and friends who want the best for us.
We can fail to see how fortunate it is that we have a job, or a house, or a car.
We can fail to see how far we have come in our life and faith.

We are surrounded by so many blessings, and when we look beyond the things that are right in front of us, we will discover the hidden wonders that God has placed in our lives.

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