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GROW: Worship

In previous posts we have looked at setting discipleship goals, experiencing God’s word, and developing a sense of ownership for our faith.  In this last GROW post, we look at how worship helps us develop in our faith.  In order to do this, the first thing we need to do is to expand our understanding of the term “worship.”

Principle 4: Growing in our faith requires us to have an attitude of worship.

For most people, worship is singing and music.  Unfortunately, when we limit the idea of worship to singing, we miss out on the true calling of worship.  Worship is much more about an attitude than an action.  Worship is something that occurs when we begin to orient our thoughts, desires, and actions around God and His Kingdom.  We worship when we honor God’s desires above our own.  We worship when we choose to look at things through a spiritual lens rather than through our own understanding.  Worship happens when we seek to honor God through our actions whether it be in a church gathering or in a business meeting.

It is perhaps more helpful for us to talk about living a life of worship rather than the idea of attending worship.  Worship is not an event, rather it is an attitude.  When we go to worship services, we are simply going to an environment that is specifically tuned to allow us to focus solely on God without distractions.

Living a life of worship helps us grow because it allows us to face the reality that God is working all around us at all times.  It reminds us that above all else, God is worthy of our time, energy, and gratitude.  But, just because it is important, doesn’t mean that it is easy.  There are so many cares and concerns in this world that draw our focus off of our creator.  We can get lost in the trivial challenges of the day.  We can get lost in the trivial desires that tend to take the place of our pursuit of true joy in Christ.

Despite the difficulty, we press on, hoping to make the words of Deuteronomy 6:5 true for our lives, that we would love the Lord our God  with all our heart and all our soul and all our strength.  That is the nature of true worship.

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